Welcome to Norfolk Pet Foods!

I am Amelia, your local Husse (hoo-say) Pet Nutritionist.
Contact me for a no obligation discussion about your pet’s nutritional needs. I would be delighted to offer a FREE trial of this scrumptious Swedish pet food which I will deliver to your door.
In Brief, About Husse Pet Food

Husse produces high-quality pet food and products for Dogs and Cats. Our mission is to produce only high-quality pet foods and supplements that meet each pet’s nutritional needs.

-   Produced in Europe to ISO 9001 standards
-   Human Grade Meat
-   No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives
-   On Average, 90% Digestible
-   Enriched With Nutrients and Nutraceutical Components

Treat your pet to a "Dinner Date" Today:
Tel: 01603 957375
Mob: 07941 615331
E-mail: amelia@husse.co.uk

Top Quality Cat Food

Husse's high quality cat food gives your cat all the nutrients and quality which is necessary for their wellbeing, health, coat and vitality. Husse cat food is available tinned, foiled, packed, as gourmet or kibble.

Free Sample

Amelia your local Husse Pet Nutritionist will arrange a Dinner Date for your pet to sample some delicious food. You’ll learn a little about Husse, the good stuff that goes into our products, and why Husse pet food will help your pet live a long and healthy life.

Top Quality Dog Food

Husse's high quality dog food gives your dog all the nutrients and energy they needs. This shows in their health, behaviour, coat and vitality. Husse dog food is available as kibble, tinned or foil packed.