Our Customers

We are always welcoming feedback from our customers and enjoy hearing about their successes. We like to know we are helping make an improvement to Pets’ livelihoods, health and wellbeing.

“Hi Amelia, Eva has definitely become a lot more lively and can’t get enough of the food. We are feeding her 3x daily now and her coat is gleaming! We have definitely noticed a huge difference. She seems a lot happier on Husse and has come on leaps and bounds.”

Lynda & Mike Brandish

Thanks for Wilson’s treats Amelia – he loves them! …. and I get the added benefit of knowing they are good for him”
“We are very happy with how Skittles our J. Russell is looking and behaving. After having an operation and being on steroids for a while, she is now swiftly losing weight on the Husse Senior Mini; regaining her confidence and vigour. We have had many compliments including the vet and groomer praising her improvement”
“We are very surprised at how much the Husse Senior kibble has made a difference to Pepper. She is more lively and less lethargic, even the vet says he is impressed and amazed that diet could have made so much of a difference. We are so pleased and she is gleaming.”
Julie & John Arkell
“Amelia provided me with great advice and shampoo for my dog who has skin troubles. Great service and she’s always happy to help. Really happy with the product too.”

Tried a can of the veal tinned food on Dobby & Milo – had to hold them back, they just couldn’t wait……. Great food (smelled yummy), and all delivered with a smile by Amelia – recommended!!

Sarah Buckley

“We have steps from the very top of the garden.  Frank runs down when we shake the tin at a great rate of knots, crash lands on his bowl and comes to a screeching halt!  He always does this twice a day.  He has a much shinier coat now too since being on the Husse Lamb & Rice.”

Wendy – The Tudor Bakery

Daphne customer “We’ve been using Husse Lamb & Rice for our 2 yo Dalmatian, Lhasa X for a few months now. Since changing to Husse we have seen a dramatic decrease in her ‘bouncy’ behaviour to being much calmer & she does not skip meals like she used to. During her recent check up, the vet commented on how pleased he was with her, especially her weight as she is prone to weight gain as she was spayed at a very young age. We have only seen positives since using Husse. Amelia is a delight to deal with. She is prompt with her communications & deliveries. We tend to buy as we run out & to date Amelia has always saved the day!!”  Dani and Bob Cameron
scatty cat michelle briscoe “Scatty loves the food!  She purrs a lot when she is eating and the first few samples she tried she thought were treats!  I think she still thinks she is being fed treats, and is a very happy cat, her coat is gleaming!”  Michelle Briscoe
Dog01 We are both really happy with the food and before Husse our Milo would stink the house and car out with his breath.  Our grandson used to say “uhhh Milo your breath STINKS!” now everyone can kiss and cuddle him!  We didn’t realise dry food made such a difference to the health of dogs’ teeth…”  Jenny Bidwell
Cat01 “I’ve been spending a fortune on vet diet food for my 8 yo Charlie Moggie X for about 3 yrs now. As he is now a decent weight, I wanted to switch to a cheaper, good quality food which he might enjoy without putting on the weight again! I thought I’d give Husse a try and it was really easy to order the food from Amelia, who is very friendly. I tried the Light Sensitive dry food and some wet food. Charlie really loves all the food and particularly purrs when he gets the wet food which I give him as a special treat … it is so handy that she can deliver it to me as well!”  Tiffany Rees

“I swear my cat’s coat has changed colour and quality from just the Free Samples you gave me!  He’s doing really well on it. We order 3kg Chicken and Fish kibble regularly “

Vicky Lovewell

“I got home last night and both cats had found the bag, opened and shredded it and had eaten most of it!  It must be good…”

Teresa Margitson

“I am genuinely amazed.  I thought Freddie might eat it once, and then refuse it (which is usually the pattern). Not so, he crunched through it and whined for more. He has eaten it for breakfast … and for two evening feeds … Did an experiment … Mixed up some Husse with James Wellbeloved kibble – He painstakingly extracted each Husse pellet and ate it … At one point he made an error, and spat out a pellet of the James Wellbeloved. Not one single ball of the Husse remained….” Sophie Frank